Thursday, February 3, 2011

New Dark Side Ahsoka Preview Clip from Altar of Mortis: Clone Wars Episode 3.16

 MTV GEEK has a new preview clip from this Friday nights Clone Wars Episode, "Altar of Mortis."

This is the much hyped episode featuring "Dark" Ahsoka.  Not only does it appear that Ahsoka is under the sway of the Dark Side incarnate in the form of the "Son," but there appears to be a confrontation in either this episode or next between Ahsoka vs. Anakin and Obi-Wan. 

What do we make of this clip?

The clip begins with Anakin climbing a large tower that reminds me of LotR: The Two Towers.  The Dark Side tower itself looks like a giant septer with a claw shaped top holding a bright green mystical orb.  The tower also has glowing writing/carvings in its surface running up the length of the tower.

At the top of his climb Anakin finds a courtyard with a solitary tree planted in the center of it, and Ahsoka sitting in the corner.

Anakin:  Ahsoka, it's me you're safe now.  Lets go. 
Ahsoka:  Are you proud of me master?
Anakin: What??? Of course Snips, of course I am proud of you. Now lets get out of here. 
Ahsoka: He's right, right about everything.  You must join him.  He only wants whats best for the universe.  
Anakin:  Hey, whats wrong with you? 

Things that make you go hmmmm... On the heals of the other preview clip where we see Son shape shifting into the form of Anakin, it makes me wonder whether this is Ahsoka at all or just the Son taking the form of Ahsoka.

I am definitely picking up a Harley Quinn vibe from Ahsoka in this clip.  Which I like its a very weird twist for the character (assuming it is Ahsoka and not Son in Ahsoka clothing) and a nice chance for Ashley Eckstein to stretch her acting range with the character. 

If your mind wasn't blown or confused enough after last weeks episode of The Clone Wars "Overlords" it looks like this weeks episode is going to turn up the weird quotient to eleven.

1 comment:

  1. That... sure does sound like Ahsoka...

    I listened to it twice over, as well as the other clip and "Overloads" again. Her voice has no echo. If it was the Son in her place, you would definitly hear an echo in the voice.

    Much as it creeps me out to say it, I honestly do think that really IS Ahsoka... 0_o

    *creepy Twilight Zone music plays in the background*

    What did Son DO to her?! 0_o