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Clone Wars: Altar of Mortis Preview (Ep. 3.16): Will the Dark Side claim Ahsoka?

Jedi Fortune Cookie:  "He who surrenders hope, surrenders life."

Official Synopsis: 

Before the Jedi can leave Mortis, the Son takes Ahsoka captive in an attempt to entice Anakin into joining him to use their combined strength to overpower his Father and Sister. Meanwhile, the Father attempts to stave off a disastrous showdown between his children and maintain the Force's increasingly precarious balance on the planet.

Star Wars Insider Synopsis: 

As the Jedi attempt to escape Mortis, Ahsoka is taken captive as a lure to seduce Anakin Skywalker to join the dark side.  As Anakin battles against dark forces, the Father attempts to stop a confrontation between his children, which threatens to unbalance the Force completely. 

Oooh, pink lighting...

Excerpts from Official Sites' Preview Article:
"The character of the Son has very similar motivations [to the Emperor]," says Witwer, "You have the Son, who's the dark side of the Force, you have the Daughter, who's the good side of the Force, and then you have the unifying Father, who's the balance between the two. The Son believes that the balance is skewed and that he should have more influence -- and if he could have more influence, the galaxy could be a better place. For that reason it is chiefly important for him to get his hands on Anakin and influence him as fast as he can. My character, the Son, absolutely targets Anakin." 
"I think that anyone would be kidding themselves if they said that the Jedi in the movies were purely all about the light side of the Force and had no destructive impulses," he says. "If they didn't have destructive impulses, they couldn't defend themselves. They couldn't be the guardians of peace and justice because they couldn't take action. They couldn't be decisive. But they champion one side over the other, and that's the passive, peaceful, creative side of the Force -- the one that creates ideas and possibilities. So the creative impulse comes from the good side and the spark you need to make that happen perhaps comes from that slightly destructive side." 

Link: The Dark Side Takes Hold in The Clone Wars

What will we see in this Episode?  My baseless speculation: 

The text of the conversation from the conversation between Anakin and Son in the Altar of Mortis Preview Video Clip
 Son:  It’s true what they say.  You are the Chosen One.  Join me.  Together we can change the balance of the Universe, my friend.
Anakin:  You must know I will never join the Dark Side willingly.
Son: How simple you make it.  Light and Dark, as if there is one without the other.  Aligned you and I can restore balance wherever we go. Peace to the Universe.
Anakin: By becoming a Sith? Never.
Son: We will Destroy the Sith! And the Jedi!
Interesting in the preview clips we have seen for this weeks' episode, it looks like Obi-Wan, Anakin, and Ahsoka are in the shuttle attempting to leave when Son sneaks aboard the shuttle and kidnaps Ahsoka.  Presumably forcing Obi-Wan and Anakin to land and begin searching for her.

We also see Anakin on a beach or at a spring being approached by Son in a recruiting pitch, that doesn't seem to go over very well with Anakin.

In other clips we see Ahsoka afflicted with the effects of the Dark Side attack Anakin.  Not only that but the Cartoon Network preview clip  also shows Obi-Wan being involved in the battle between Dark Ahsoka and Anakin. 

Clearly things are about to get pretty bumpy for Skyguy and Snips.

Does the battle conclude in this episode?  Does it get a "to be continued" until next episode?  I am curious to see how this plays out.

The images we have seen of the Son attacking Daughter with super special force lightning makes me wonder if either Son or Daughter will make it out of this story arc alive.  Given the title of the next episode 3.17 Ghosts of Mortis, it makes me wonder whether Mortis even is left standing after Anakin is done with it.

I wonder if Father dies, Son kills Daughter and then Anakin, Ahsoka and/or Obi-Wan kill Son.

I can't wait for more Dark Side awesomeness this weekend. 

Video Clip via Big Shiny Robot: 

Video Clip of Season 3 Second Half Preview: 

Tune in to Cartoon Network Friday at 8:30 PM, iTunes on Saturday and StarWars.com on Monday to view Star Wars: The Clone Wars Episode 3.16 Altar of Mortis (Mortis Arc Part 2 of 3)

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