Sunday, January 9, 2011

Podcast Profile: Star Wars: EU Primer by Nathan P. Butler

Nathan P. Butler seems to be ever present the Star Wars fan community, not only his he the creator of the Star Wars Timeline Gold, webmaster of Star Wars Fanworks, he is a VIP at in the blog and fan forums, a contributor to, as well as co-hosting the podcast EU Review at, appearing on the Republic Forces Radio Network podcast, and Star Wars Action News podcast. 

I recently stumbled upon Nathan's EU Primer series of 5 podcasts when looking for some traveling entertainment over the Christmas holiday.  EU Primer is broken down into (1) Before the Prequel Era, (2) The Prequel Era, (3) The Empire: Rising and Striking Back, (4) Birth of a New Republic, and (5) The New Jedi Order and Beyond. 

Being last updated in August of 2010, there are some things missing because of recent EU releases, however if you are new to the EU, want a refresher or just want to hear an interesting summary of Star Wars EU history give these podcasts a listen.  The are all under half and hour and well worth your time. 

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