Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Clone Wars: Witches of the Mist Preview (Ep. 3.14)

On a day filled with a bunch of Clone Wars news and analysis, its also time for Lightsaber Rattling's first preview of this epic continuity busting tour-de-Force.

Jedi Fortune Cookie: "The path to evil may bring great power, but not loyalty."

Official Synopsis:   Anakin and Obi-Wan, sent to track down the mysterious figure behind the deaths of several Jedi, soon find themselves on the trail of the monstrous apprentice that Ventress has created: Savage Opress. However, Dooku and Ventress also discover that this new apprentice has a will of his own...

Official Site Episode Guide for Witches of the Mist


This episode is packed with nuggety awesomeness.  There are the appearance of the Delta Squad Republic Commandos, two tremendous lightsaber duels, a very well done retcon, the return of a character seen in the series' premier episode, some cool Sith training with Episode V throwbacks, and a surprise ending that could turn the Clone Wars on it's head. The episode also sees the same creative team in writer Katie Lucas and Director Giancarlo Volpe who were responsible for the first episode in the story arc. 

Without getting into huge spoilers, the first real lightsaber duel in the episode is my favorite lightsaber duel this side of the prequel movies.  Its tremendous and feels a bit like Yoda versus Palpatine in the Senate chamber.

This is a must watch episode for  Star Wars fans, whether or not you have been a fan of Clone Wars up until this point.

An interesting line from StarWars.com's preview of the episode:
Serving as a foil for the final confrontation between the former master and his jilted apprentice is the massively powerful Opress. Ostensibly a blunt instrument of evil, the monstrous creation is nonetheless imbued with a perverse humanity of his own -- brought to the surface by sharp writing and a soulful performance by screen legend Clancy Brown (Highlander, The Shawshank Redemption).
 I really hope this isn't the last time we see Ventress and Dooku confront each other, I hope they only meant the final confrontation in this episode/story arc.


DELTA, DELTA, DELTA, DELTA, DELTA!  Republic Commando Cameo!  Boss (RC-1138), Fixer (RC-1140), Sev (RC-1207), and Scorch (RC-1262).

It's hardly a surprise that the Grand Army of the Republic's Delta Squad would be appearing in Season 3 of The Clone Wars.  The preview clip featuring the Deltas was one of the highlights of the Clone Wars content at Celebration V this past summer.  What was surprising was that they are part of the epic Savage Opress story arc.  They don't play a huge role in the episode but its definitely cool to see them, and now that they have the character models, hopefully the Deltas and other Republic Commando squads appear in the future of the series. 


Official Site Preview Clip of Sith Training: Here


Austin over at EUCantina.net posted a tremendous SPOILER filled sneak peak at the next story arch,  the "Mortis" arc.  For Austin's preview please head over to EUCantina.net

This article includes the title for the third episode of the story arc, "Ghosts of Mortis."  The first two titles where publicised by here. 

Also posted via Twitter by Joel Aaron who is the CG and Visual Effects Supervisor for The Clone Wars:

@joelaron Ahhhhh... the Star Wars I've seen and worked on today... would melt the casual fan into a waft of smoke.


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