Saturday, January 22, 2011

Clone Wars News and Rumors: Coming Soon Rex and Ahsoka Story Arcs

From a very good interview with Star Wars:  The Clone Wars Supervising Director Dave Filoni.. Given all that’s happened, where does the series go next?
Filoni: It’s exciting. We have a lot of it figured out, but I’m always personally projecting the end of the war. Especially dealing with the major characters, like Ahsoka and Rex.
But I will say that the second half of this season, which I think really began with the “Nightsisters” episode (view clip above), is where we really get into the large arcs of the show. We start marching in a much more chronological order than before, where we were jumping around from character to character.
We’re going to have a major clone arc coming up, as we develop Rex’s character, and the same goes for Ahsoka.
More Clone action is always welcome as some of the Clone-centric episodes have been the best of the series.  Including one of my personal favorites, "Deserter."

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  1. i can not wait for a new time its going to be awesome, i just wish i had more info on a new time,i am going to do the whole new time IN LEGO!!!.....


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