Sunday, December 12, 2010

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Schedule & Episode Update

Star Wars: The Clone Wars is taking a brief Holiday Season hiatus.  Some of us got the chance to see a preview of what is to come starting January 7th when the second half of Season 3 kicks off with the first episode of the Savage Opress arc, entitled Nightsisters.   

There are also reports that the Clone Wars will be moving to a new time slot on the Cartoon Network at 8:30PM upon its return.  I haven't been able to find any official confirmation of the time change.
December 12, 9:30p ARC Troopers 
December 17, 6:30p ARC Troopers
December 17, 9:00p Evil Plans
December 17, 9:30p Hunt for Ziro
December 18, 9:30a Clone Cadets
December 19, 9:30p ARC Troopers 
December 26, 9:30p Supply Lines

Tentative Dates for new episodes:

January 7th:  Episode: 3.12 Nightsisters (Savage Opress #1)  
January 14th: Episode: 3.13 Monster (Savage Opress #2)  
January 21st: Episode: 3.14Witches of the Mist (Savage Opress #3)   

The following is pure speculation and will change depending on when they take a week off and air a repeat.  If they air the rest of the season uninterrupted the schedule would appear like this:  

January 28th: Episode 3.15 Untitled
February 4th: Episode 3.16 Untitled
February 11th: Episode 3.17 Untitled
February 18th: Episode 3.18 Untitled
February 25th: Episode 3.19 Untitled
March 4th: Episode 3.20 Untitled
March 11th: Episode 3.21 Untitled
March 18th: Episode 3.22 Untitled (Season Finale)

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