Thursday, December 2, 2010

Confirmed: Savage Opress Clone Wars Screening will show 3 full episodes

Katie Lucas, one of the writers on the Clone Wars series and daughter of Star Wars creator George Lucas, was kind enough to confirm via Twitter that the Special Theatrical Screening of Star Wars: The Clone Wars featuring Savage Opress will be airing three full episodes of the Savage Opress story arch.

The screenings which will take place in select cities across the country are already sold out, but if you have tickets this is great news and just another reason to try to attend.  

If the previews are any indication these episodes are going to be some of the best of the series.  For Republic Commando fans don't forget, we should also be seeing Delta Squad, who appeared in the Republic Commando video game as well as the series of novels written by Karen Traviss. 

Katie Lucas
LA TWEEPS: I will be at the LA premiere, say hi if you spot me! would love to give you all high fives!
Peter Morrison

@ Hope to see u in LA. Can u tell us how many episodes they are showing at the premier?
Katie Lucas
@ all three!

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