Monday, July 8, 2013

Star Wars: Episode VII Projected for $1.2 Billion Box Office Haul

Buried in an interesting Variety piece looking at the state of Disney's big budget film flops and successes is an interesting forecast of how Star Wars: Episode VII will do at the box office.
Credit Suisse’s Michael Senno expects Disney to generate around $733 million in profits from the seventh “Star Wars,” out in summer 2015. Film is expected to generate around $1.2 billion in global theatrical receipts, and more from consumer products and other revenue, Senno said. As a result, Senno set a new target price of $74 for Disney’s stock to eventually reach, helping boost shares on Monday.
“The “Star Wars” franchise should drive strong profit growth and mitigate risk at the studio with fewer risky high budget films,” Senno said.

SOURCE: Variety

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