Friday, July 26, 2013

Star Wars Celebration Europe News: The Clone Wars Season 5, The Complete Series Box Set, and Bonus Content Update

 Friday's "Secrets of Star Wars: The Clone Wars" panel at Celebration Europe featured Dave Filoni and Pablo Hidalgo.  The fan site The Star Wars Underworld live-tweeted the panel and has a recap posted.

At the panel we got some insight on what might have been in a Season Six, the status of the bonus content and release date and information on the Season Five and a Season 1-5 Box Set home video releases.

On what might have been:

There was going to be a Yoda arc featuring the Wookiees, a dramatic resolution for Ventress, scenes dealing with Ahsoka's choice, and an appearance of a Sith Temple. In the bonus content we shall see Cad Bane get a new ship and the return of former Chancellor Valorum.

On the bonus content: 

"Hidalgo says they are still working on how to distribute Bonus Content, may be outside the box, could include unfinished animation."

For a complete collection of tweets check out SWU's recap of the panel.

On the Season Five and Season 1-5 Box Set Releases:

It was also announced that October 15th will be the release date for both The Complete Season Five Blu-ray and DVD sets as well as "Seasons 1-5 Box Set."

Caveat emptor applies with the Season 1-5 Box Set, I sense that based on the title there will be a further home video release down the road that will likely include the bonus content and other bonus materials.

It is cool to see that there are two books included in the Season 1-5 sets, the "Episode Guide" and the box set exclusive "The Art of Star Wars: The Clone Wars."

I am very curious about the dimensions on the "Art of" book because it looks to be pretty tiny, which while a cool inclusion doesn't really fit with the coffee table size of the traditional Star Wars "Art of" books.

No prices have been announced but my guess would be $59.99 for Season Five and between $99.99-$139.99 for the Season 1-5 Collection.

Season Five and Season 1-5 Box Set Trailer:


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