Sunday, May 12, 2013

Pringles The Force For Fun Contest: 7 Filmmakers vie for a chance to win $25,000

Pringles and Lucasfilm have partnered with Tongal to hold a contest for fans to create video art that combines the wonder and fun of Star Wars and the tasty awesomeness that is Pringles.

Battling through Jedi, Sith, Stormtroopers, Ewoks, and even a few Gungans, seven finalists have emerged with videos that will be judged by representatives of Lucasfilm and Pringles to determine who gets to take home the $25,000 in Republic Credits (err...U.S. dollars) and the chance to be featured on Kellogg's/Pringles websites as well as national television.

The seven finalists are:

Don't Hold Your Breath by The Norman Invasion (Colin Duffy and Matt Sklar)

Jim vs. Vader by The Indie Machines (Erik Beck and Justin Johnson)

Roommate by David Brashear

The Delectable Weapon by Ryan O'Rourke and John Griese

Darth Visits by Steven Houser

Sounds Like A Party by Team Spaceman (Jared Hedges and Dave Cain)

Wookiee Mistake by Side of Fries (Jordan Allen, Brooke Dooley, Luke Rocheleau)

For more on the videos and to watch behind the scenes clips, please visit

Look for more coverage of these videos in the coming weeks on as well as some cool giveaways courtesy of Pringles.

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