Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Clone Wars Bonus Content: Plo Koon / Syfo-Dyas Arc

Well now this is an interesting little bit of bonus content that USA Today revealed is coming down the pike.  Looks like Star Wars: The Clone Wars isn't done delving into the deeper mysteries of the films.  Who was Jedi Master Syfo-Dyas and how could his brief mention in Episode II: Attack of the Clones warrant it's own story arc?

For the uninitiated, Jedi Master Syfo-Dyas was name dropped by the Kaminoans when Obi-Wan paid a visit to the Star Wars equivalent of Seattle.  Obi-Wan traced the saberdart used by Jango Fett's pal in the assassination attempt against Padme.  This lead him to the cloners and the revelation that Jedi Master Syfo-Dyas supposedly paid for and ordered a Clone Army to be bread for the Republic.

Now when I first watched Attack of the Clone, I assumed that Syfo-Dyas was simply an alias that Darth Sidious based on a deceased Jedi.  The Expanded Universe fleshes out Syfo-Dyas a bit, in particular in the recent novel Darth Plagueis by James Luceno.

What was Syfo-Dyas' roll in the lead up to the Clone Wars and what was the fate of the Jedi Master?  From the clips it certainly looks like a T-6 Shuttle (serial number 77519) crash may have played a role in the ultimate demise of Syfo-Dyas, assuming of course that the long abandoned lightsaber was his. Perhaps we will get some answers somewhere this fall.



  1. I'm really hyped about this. It'll be great to have a solid answer about Syfo-Dias.

  2. I may sound far fetched, but in the vid the ship's cockpit looks like the MILLENIUM FALCON! No joke!