Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Discourse in Steel (A Tale of Egil and Nix) Excerpt

In what promises to be a dark, irreverent and fun follow up to his 2012 sword and sorcery novel The Hammer and the Blade, author Paul S. Kemp will soon be releasing A Discourse in Steel.  This novel will continue the adventures of Egil and Nix set in Kemp's own fantasy world.

Here is a taste of the excerpt that Kemp released for May as a teaser.  The first taste is free, after that you gotta buy the book.

Nix took a length of thin, strong rope from his satchel of needful things – he always carried several lengths of the best line he could buy – and bound the man’s hands and ankles. Then he went back up to the bar, half-filled a tankard with ale, returned to the cellar and threw it in the man’s face. The man sputtered and blinked awake. He had small eyes, too close together, a large nose and a narrow chin specked with a day’s growth of whiskers.
He eyed Nix, Egil, the cellar, swallowed hard. Nix could see thoughts moving behind his eyes.
“Yeah, you’re in a bit of it,” Nix said. “I’ve been there.”
“It was just a burn job,” the man said, his voice nasally. “I do it, I get paid, and I don’t know nothing more than that.”
Egil harrumphed and Nix tsked.
“Burn jobs don’t call for barring doors, now do they?”
The man colored but his expression remained defiant.
A symbol hung from a leather lanyard around the man’s neck. Nix grabbed it, yanked it off, and eyed the charm: a stiletto with a coin balanced on the tip. Aster’s symbol. Nix shared a knowing look with Egil.
“This here’s a guild boy, Egil.”
“Fakkin’ sneak priests and fools,” Egil said.
“I don’t know nothing about a guild,” the man said.
Nix tossed the charm at the man and hit him in his overlarge nose. “Not too smart, are you?”

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