Thursday, April 18, 2013

Star Wars 'Big Three' Novel Series and Martha Wells' Leia Novel Get Titles

The Original Trilogy era novel series that had been using the working title, 'Rebels' now has an official sub-title and we have a full title for author Martha Wells' novel focused on Princess Leia.

Star Wars: Empire and Rebellion and Razor's Edge

From Del Rey Editor Erich Schoeneweiss

We have a title for the upcoming Martha Wells book featuring Princess Leia - STAR WARS: EMPIRE AND REBELLION: RAZOR'S EDGE. The book is a Princess Leia adventure that will also include Han Solo and Luke Skywalker and is set after A New Hope. EMPIRE AND REBELLION is the title for a trio of stand alone novels focusing on Leia, Han, and Luke. Martha Wells is writing the Leia novel, James S. A. Corey is writing the Han Solo novel, and Kevin Hearne is writing the Luke novel. RAZOR'S EDGE is due to hit stores this October. (Erich)

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