Monday, March 18, 2013

Star Wars Live Action Series: Two More Writers Revealed

In a recent episode of the ever entertaining and fascinating Nerdist Writers Panel Podcast, hosted by Ben Blacker. One of the panelist revealed that he worked on the mothballed Star Wars: Live Action Series.

Nerdist Writers Panel #77 was published on March 12th and features the following panelists:

Bill Prady (co-creator, The Big Bang Theory); Donick Cary (New Girl; Bored to Death; former head writer, Late Show with David Letterman); Stephen Scaia (Human Target; Jericho; adapting Y: The Last Man for feature film). Recorded February 10, 2013.

Approximately 17 minutes into the podcast, writer Stephen Scaia (@stephenscaia)reveals that he and his writing partner, Matthew Federman were part of the first group of writers brought to a writing conference at Skywalker Ranch with George Lucas acting as show runner and where some awesomeness was created.

The initial conference was a week and a half and it sounds like George Lucas and the rest of the staff had way too much fun.

In describing breaking a scene with a "fan favorite character" flying around in his jet pack, apparently Lucas told Scaia that he had not had this much fun in a writer's room since Raiders of the Lost Arc when they where breaking the truck chase scene.

There is an awesome dry erase board/Renoir story.

A little nuts and bolts on the writing process of the show.

Scaia describes the scripts as "completely unproducable" apparently Lucas' direction was to "make it awesome" and not worry about the practicalities of production.

This part of the discussion is roughly five minutes and length and well worth the time to listen, maybe it will get you hooked on this great podcast.


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