Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Star Wars Fansite Seminar: Thursday January 24th

Another great idea from an innovator in the Star Wars fan community is an on-line fansite seminar. A cool chance for fans of varying experience to exchange information, stories, successes and mistakes on the topic of fansite running.

From Fandom Apocalypse:

"On January 24, we will be hosting/participating in the first ever Star Wars Fansite Seminar, coming to you LIVE from the electric city of Las Vegas! Before we hit up the casinos, members from Star Wars fansites worldwide will be providing tips and advice on managing a blog or website in fandom to each other. We’ll trade ideas, discuss past problems and solutions, and even answer questions from our readers! 
Okay, well, we are going to be doing all of that… just minus the trip to Vegas. Bummer, right? I’d love to pay for all of you lovely people to fly out to Sin City in two days and gamble your money away, but frankly, not doing that is something I’d love even more. Is tough moral dilemma. The Fansite Seminar will actually be hosted on Twitter. Not quite as glamorous as the Entertainment Capital of the World, but what happens in Vegas would have to stay in Vegas, and that wouldn’t be very fair to all of the readers.
So, on Thursday, get ready for a day of fansite questions and answers! Use the hashtag #SWFS in any tweets about the Seminar. I’ll be providing various bits of information that I’ve found useful during five years of fansite experience (and many more years of being involved in online fandom). Other fansite folks are encouraged to share their thoughts as well. Let us know what lessons you’ve learned! Feel free to ask questions – just remember to use the #SWFS tag!"

I will be fairly busy tomorrow, but I'm going to poke my head in on Twitter to provide what experience I can from the perspective of a one-person operated blog with no staff and no editorial oversight. Easy piece of advice: pick a website name shorter or easier to abbreviate than Lightsaber Rattling, too long for an @ handle on Twitter.

SOURCE: Fandom Apocalypse

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