Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 5: Fugitive Ahsoka Arc Speculation

The Clone Wars is returning this Saturday with an all-new episode, continuing the D-squad arc but introducing a new character in Republic Commando Gregor, a clone who has lost his memory.

With the return of TCW from it's winter break we also have gotten a new trailer from  This trailer is both a retrospective on the previous seasons of TCW and provides a brief glimpse for what looks to be this season's final arc starring Ahsoka Tano on the run on Coruscant.

Fandom points to JawaJames at ClubJade for his in-depth analysis of Entertainment Weekly's Star Wars: The Clone Wars 100th Episode series trailer.

Readers of this blog will remember back in September when I dissected the Season 5 preview trailer and speculated that Ahsoka may be on an adventure inspired by Harrison Ford's remake of The Fugitive.

The post entitled Ahsoka Fugitive Arc? Clone Wars Season 5 Speculation, also provides a lot of screen captures from the trailer. The arc looks to feature heavily the red clad Coruscant security clone troopers, Asajj Ventress in a new costume, and is probably the introduction of Clone Commander Thorn.

Before the new clips in the trailer we again see Asajj attacking Ahsoka in what looks to be the underlevels of Coruscant.  Then we see Ahsoka crouching above what appears to be the Senate Plaza as a patrol of Clones marches by.

Next we see Ahsoka in a more industrial looking area of Coruscant, this could be The Works, as LAAT gunships shine their spotlights around searching presumably for Ahsoka.

Then we see Ahsoka run up some stairs, lightsaber ignited only to be met at the top by a LAAT.

The trailer closes with Ahsoka plummeting down into the heart of Coruscant's lower levels in a shot that looks very much like the preview of Star Wars 1313.

The voice over for the clip is provided by Yoda who says, "Bring back this lost child before it is to late."

The clear implication is that he is talking about Ahsoka.  It should also be noted that in the Season 5 trailer we saw Anakin landing from what could be a similar Coruscant level jump that we see Ahsoka doing in this clip.

Putting the pieces together, it is my assumption that Yoda is sending Anakin after Ahsoka. Why is Ahsoka being chased by Clones? How does her duel with Asajj Ventress fit in? What is up with the Clone Wars protesters?

Something clearly happens that makes Ahsoka feel like she is unable to turn to the Jedi, this has to be something fairly major.

Theory #1: Ahsoka Kills Asajj (Weaker Theory)

Asajj Ventress is at this point  a bounty hunter who is hired to commit some mischief on Coruscant, either with anti-war protesters or at the Jedi Temple.  Ahsoka and Asajj duel and Asajj is defeated and killed. Ahsoka during the battle gets to close to the dark side and slays Asajj. Ahsoka is scared by her actions and flees.  The Jedi Council sends Anakin in pursuit of his padawan, Anakin confides of his mission to Palpatine who also dispatches the clones in pursuit of the padawan as well.

Theory #2: Ahsoka Is Framed (Stronger Theory)

Asajj is hired to perform a terrorist strike on some anti-war protestors on Coruscant and makes it look like Ahsoka is the perpetrator. "Reluctantly" Chancellor Palpatine orders Ahsoka's arrest. Ahsoka escapes custody and strikes out looking for answers and who really committed the crime in the under-levels of Coruscant. Ahsoka is pursued by Asajj (who is trying to kill her), Anakin (who is trying to convince her to turn herself in), and the clones (who are trying to capture her) as she attempts to evade all three.

SOURCES: Club Jade and EW


  1. I think the second theory is pretty possible. Either way it seems this is the finale trilogy of season five and looks to be AMAZING. I have a feeling Ventress or Ahsoka would die in this arc no matter what because of the nature of this season. This arc is starting to take preference over the Maul Arc coming up as my most anticipated arc this season. Can't wait!

    1. I agree with Joemario13. The 2nd theory is likely here. Given the stress, fear and pressure Ahsoka may be facing, one of the "seeds of the dark side", mentioned by her future self in the Mortis Trilogy, may or may not sprout here. If she survives her darkest hour thus far, very likely Ahsoka won't be the same again (either in a good way or bad way).

      I also can't help but think that Rex may play a part in this, either ultimately helping Ahsoka in her time of need or being one of those killed that Ahsoka is framed of killing.

  2. Well Number two is the best posibility. But i cant imagine Ventress getting killed from Ahsoka. That woul make Ventress look totaly like an amateur. A dark jedi getting killed from a

    And Ventress after her change, should be a good character. I dont think she makes a bomb strike. I think she is just there because republic puts a reward on the table for the fugitive Ahsoka. And Ventres is a bountyhunter now. I think she will not give Ahsoka to the republic but even help her.

    Ahsokas darkest hour is beeing accused as a terorist/separatist from Palpatine and his minions.

    Kind regards

  3. Cool, kind of reminds me of the movie Minority Report, since it is about a fugitive being chased for a crime that he/she didn't commit. Hopefully Ahsoka survives and is proven innocent by the end of this arc. After all, they are making another season of this show and she is one of the main characters.

  4. At Celebration VI, Filoni said that Lux will play a large role with Ahsoka this season and be apart of what I believe he said will be her "darkest hour," and he hinted at a darker storyline than the Onderon arc. Possibly Lux fits into this puzzle somehow... Also in one of the trailers from this season, Obi-Wan mentioned that "trouble was stirring in the underworld..."

    Also, in the trailer from CVI, there was a woman who told Ahsoka that "there are some citizens of the republic who believe the Jedi order is not what it used to be," and Yoda also said that someone was trying to attack the Jedi Temple... I think there is more to this than meets the eye.

  5. The interesting thing is. When she jump, falls down. She has no lightsabers anymore. In the duell with Ventress she has only the long green lightsaber. Ventress took her yellow shoto. But in this jump scene she has no one of the two sabers anymore. So this scene has to be after the fight. In other words Ventress didnt killed her when she lays on the ground and Ventress jumped of her.