Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Clone Wars Season 5: Fugitive Ahsoka Arc Episode Descriptions

If you are into spoilers you just have to love those TV listing websites that get the juicy spoilery morsels.

Zap2it.com has some details about the final arc of this years truncated Clone Wars season.

S05, E20 The Wrong Jedi 3/01/2013

S05, E19 To Catch a Jedi
On the run in the underworld, Ahsoka makes a bargain with Asajj Ventress while hunting for proof of her innocence. 2/22/2013
S05, E18 The Jedi Who Knew Too Much
After meeting with Letta Turmond, Letta turns up dead and Ahsoka is arrested. 2/15/2013
S05, E17 Sabotage
Anakin and Ahsoka investigate an explosion at the Temple, suspicious that a Jedi-turned-dark is responsible.

Source: Zap2it.com


  1. I saw those descriptions already, and I wish I hadn't. They give up too much.

    1. On the flip side, it confirmed Peter Morrison's speculation that the last arc series is a fugitive Ahsoka series, and the general storyline to that series. Only real spoiler it gave up was that Ahsoka and Ventress make a deal, which hints to me that Ventress/Ahsoka lightsaber fight we see comes during the last episode when Ventress go back on her bargain (maybe because someone else offered more to kill Ahsoka).

      Also, I wonder if this Letta Turmond is the lady in purple we saw in the 2nd trailer of season 5, and if Sidious is behind all of this as a means to seduce Anakin to the dark side (his first attempt).

    2. seducing Anakin to the dark side. sounds erotic.

      No Ventress is hunting Ahsoka for the bounty, than she refuses to give her away to the clones and beats the xxxx out of them. In the last episode Ahsoka will betray ventress to save herself from prison. She will blame ventress for the attack on the temple. Ventress will be arrested maybe hunted and killed and Anakin+Ahsoka will show their true dark nature. I also hope for much erotic vibes during this episodes. ;)