Sunday, December 2, 2012

Battle Meditation Review: Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Secret Weapons (5.10)

I'm on vacation so this week's review is going to be short and sweet just like Colonel Meebur Gascon, well except for the sweet part.

This week's episode "Secret Weapons" kicked off a four-part story arc centered on R2 and the droids of D-Squad (WAC-47, U9-C4, QT-KT, M5-BZ).

The episode's dialogue was carried by the pairing of Gascon and the Pit droid WAC. Evidently R2 talking to other astromechs is to much beeping and booping.

The episode itself is a play on incompetent officer story. Traditionally we see a young inexperienced junior officer and a grizzled veteran Sergeant and his squad. One of my favorites in this trope is that classic of '80s cinema "Heartbreak Ridge." If you haven't watched this film, you are missing out on American Cinema at it's zenith.

While R2 was certainly competent and interviewed at a crucial moment the addition of WAC to the mix added an interesting character that partially substituted from the competent sergeant. In WAC we had a boastful pit droid who's abilities didn't necessarily match his confidence. WAC is definitely the Gomer Pyle of this episode with his bumbling nature, but in the end he proves crucial to D-squads successful mission.

It was a bit surprising that Gascon and the droids got away seemingly successfully at the end of the episode, but I have a feeling they won't have much time to celebrate their victory. It does make sense for the characters because for Gascon and WAC in particular it gives them that accomplishment that they can build confidence on.

A few random thoughts, clearly pit droids have delusions of grandeur after this episode and last season when they enslaved a planet. Also the inclusion of QT-KT based on R2-KT was an incredibly cool touch.

"Secret Weapons" was a fun episode and if you watched Gomer Pyle U.S.M.C reruns like I did as a kid you probably got even more of a kick out of it. I can't wait until we get to Republic Commando Gregor.

Check back next week for my regular review of episode 5.11 "A Sunny Day in the Void."

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