Sunday, November 11, 2012 Member Exclusive TCW Season 5 Darth Maul Arc Preview

Membership has it's benefits.

If you sign up for an on-line membership at you can now view an exclusive video clip from an episode of the upcoming Darth Maul arc.  

The video can be found HERE.

The video features an introduction by Darth Maul actor Sam Witwer and shows a scene in which Maul, Opress, and Pre Vizsla are appearing before the Hutt Grand Council on Nal Hutta.  

Hutt Grand Council as seen in Season Three's "Hunt for Ziro"
It appears that our sometimes hero and sometime villain band of bounty hunters, Sugi, Embo and  Dengar are working security for the Hutts.  Most likely scenario is that Maul is present to attempt to convince the Hutts to follow him and negotiations aren't going very well. Facing the bounty hunters and Hutt thugs, Maul, Opress, and Vizsla a retreat and are pursued as the clip ends. 

Just a tease of what is in the video clip...



  1. They’ve given us so many teasers and clips, and they have spent a huge amount of their trailers spotlighting this storyline, it would be nice if they finally just gave us the bloody episodes. 6 months so far of this teasing is getting really annoying.

    Amazing clip though.

  2. I see Sugi, Embo, Dengar y Latts Razzi vs the zabraks and Pre Vizla

    its fucking awesome