Thursday, October 25, 2012

Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Young Jedi Arc Announced and Season 5 Episode Order Shuffled

 To quote Master Yoda, "Always in motion is the future."

When it comes to TCW this is true and the will they or won't they air the Young Jedi episodes that where screened on a limited basis at Celebration VI has finally been resolved.

The four episode Young Jedi arc will be aired in Season 5 and will air immediately after the Onderon arc in November.

So we have Master Yoda and Ahsoka leading a group of younglings that includes a Wookiee, a Rodian, a Nautolan, and an Ithorian.  It looks like we are returning to Ilum, home of Crystal Caves, where Jedi would go to seek naturally growing crystals for their lightsabers.  

According to Pablo Hidalgo on the Star Wars Blog, the Young Jedi arc will be four episodes and they are being moved into the November slot previously scheduled to feature the return of Rush Clovis.

The Young Jedi Episodes are:

  • 5.06: The Gathering
  • 5.07: A Test of Strength
  • 5.08: Bound for Rescue
  • 5.09: A Necessary Bond

I look forward to seeing this "lighter" episodes in what promises to be a season full of drama.  Additionally Yoda is awesome so more Yoda is great and well a Wookiee Jedi gets bonus points.

I wasn't at Celebration VI so I have not yet scene these episodes. I do wonder if the Rodian and Nautolan younglings are Wee Dunn and Zinn Toa who was saw as infants in episode 2.03 "Children of the Force." I don't think it works age/time wise but it is an interesting coincidence.


It looks like at this point all we are missing is the season finale trilogy arc.  Of course it could also be three stand alone episodes scattered through the second half of season 5.

  • 5.01: Revival
  • 5.02: A War on Two Fronts
  • 5.03: Front Runners
  • 5.04: The Soft War
  • 5.05: Tipping Points
  • 5.06: The Gathering
  • 5.07: A Test of Strength
  • 5.08: Bound for Rescue
  • 5.09: A Necessary Bond
  • 5.10: An Old Friend
  • 5.11: The Rise of Clovis
  • 5.12: Crisis at the Heart
  • 5.13: Secret Weapons
  • 5.14: A Sunny Day in the Void
  • 5.15: Missing in Action
  • 5.16: Point of No Return
  • 5.17: Eminence
  • 5.18: Shades of Reason
  • 5.19: The Lawless
  • 5.20:
  • 5.21:
  • 5.22:



  1. I think that the season finale trilogy is likely to be a 3-part Ahsoka episode dealing with the corruption of Coruscant and includes the clips from the trailer with her fighting Ventress. Where else would that fit in besides the last 3? It has no relation to the Darth Maul/Death Watch episodes despite what people like to say.

  2. I really hope they move the Darth Maul episodes up. Half the trailer we got in May showed scenes from that arc, so it would be pretty annoying if we had to wait almost a year to see it.

    According to Dave Fillioni the trailers showed scenes from every arc except the finale are of the season, which would have something that rivaled the return of Maul in wow factor.

    Maybe this season will have 26 episodes, since the Young Jedi arc wasn’t supposes to be in s5 originally.

  3. Wookiee Youngling! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!