Saturday, September 8, 2012

Should Star Wars: The Clone Wars Return to Movie Theaters?

Long time readers of this blog will remember that I attended the Savage Opress screening at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood.  This was not only my first chance to visit the bright lights and big city of Hollywood, but also my first chance to be at a Star Wars Event. My wife and I got their early and got to say hello to Dave and shake the hand of the Maker's Apprentice.

If you saw the original TCW movie in theaters you might be ambivalent to the series returning to the big screen, but the advances in animation the show has made have been quantum leaps forward.

Watching the Savage Opress screening on the big screen is some of the most fun I have had in a movie theater in a long time.  The way the show is shot is much better than on the small screen or on the PC screen.

There are some interesting experimentation going on at Lucasfilm right now.  We are getting a Target exclusive DVD Director's cut of the 4-part Darth Maul arc from Season Four.  We also saw a 4-part Young  Jedi 88 minute cinematic experience exhibited at Celebration VI.

These multi-episode arcs are so much more enjoyable when they are woven together and watched as a complete story.

Listening to the latest episode of's We Talk Clones Podcast, they discussed the idea of partnering with a company like Fathom Events. To provide movie screenings like we have seen in a handful of cities in previous seasons on a bit of a larger scale.

Fathom Events is a company that provides live and previously recorded special event programming at movie theaters.  On July 23rd in cooperation with CBS TV they had a special screening of Star Trek: The Next Generation Episodes 106 and 114 in a ton of theaters across the country.  This was a special event to help promote the Blu-ray release of the series. Now I have checked Fathom's website and their Fall 2012 until Spring 2013 doesn't include any Star Wars events listed, it is mostly classic movies and performances from the Metropolitan Opera.

I could really see Lucasfilm partner with Fathom or a similar company to bring Star Wars: The Clone Wars back to the big screen.  The biggest issue I can imagine is with Cartoon Network. If you hold the event on too many screens you may hurt CN's ratings and the value of TCW to that network.  So if they where to do a screening perhaps if it is a large scale one it would have to take place after the episodes air or with a profit sharing between Fathom, Theaters, Lucasfilm, and Cartoon Network.

Make it happen folks.


  1. I would very much like to see TCW in the big screen again. I've been a fan since the movie came out 2008. I still have the movie poster hanging up in my room! :P I'd love to see this happen in the future!

  2. I totally want a that to happen, and maybe a second CW movie. But are the CW ratings good? On wikipedia, it looked like S4 had the shows lowest ratings yet, but I honestly have doubts over wikipedia's sources for ratings.

  3. Yes. Yes it should. I want to see more of The Clone Wars on the big screen be it a second movie, story arcs, or interwoven stories (that would be really cool to see in a Star Wars in Concert format, which was in partnership with Another Planet Entertainment and also was a great draw for children and adults alike wielding lightsabers). Dave has already indicated that he is favorable to TCW returning to theaters with enough support. Let's make it happen, and even dare to ask for something live!