Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Upcoming Star Wars Books Facebook Chats with The Holocron Keeper and John Jackson Miller

Del Rey Editor Frank Parisi announced two cool upcoming Facebook chats with Lucasfilm's continuity guru, the Keeper of the Holocron Leland Chee and with comic and novel writer John Jackson Miller.
"We’re stoked as a gaggle of Kowakian monkey lizards on glitterstim to announce that we're hosting a live Facebook chat with the Keeper of the Holocron (Officially, Lucasfilm’s Continuity Database Administrator) Leland Chee on Tuesday, August 14th at 4 pm EST! Be here to get all your continuity questions about The Star Wars answered by the inimitable Mr. Chee. As a reminder, we’re also hosting a chat with Lost Tribe of the Sith (on sale now!) scribe John Jackson Miller on August 8th at 3pm EST. If you haven't read Lost Tribe yet, what are you waiting for?? (FP)"
As a public service if you go to either Facebook chat, please remember a few things.

1) Time is limited please ask quality questions.
2) The chat guests will not and cannot giveaway any top secret info.
3) Avoid text/IM spelling and punctuation.
4) I love the Mandos and Commandos as well, but please limit the Karen Traviss and RC questions to one per chat.


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