Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Is Onderon the location for the Ahsoka/Lux story arc?

UPDATE: A clearer audio version of the Season Five Trailer as well as issue #134 of Star Wars Insider confirm that the planet in this arc will be Onderon! 
Onderon and it's moon Dxun

I cannot take credit for this one as I saw it posted on Facebook by Star Wars Underworld and it was produced by YouTube user dangrievousreturns . But I thought that this theory was to well thought out and explained to ignore.  Plus I am a Clone Wars junkie so any news or rumor is fun.

Dan proposes that the clips in the Season 5 Trailer are of the planet Onderon.

Dan goes on to point out the fact that Lux Bonteri is actually from the planet Onderon.

Onderon first appeared in comics in the old Tales of the Jedi series and is the location of the stories surrounding Freedon Nadd.

Later in the EU Onderon is again a major location for Darth Bane, where Bane rides a Drexl beast from Onderon to it's very close moon Dxun.

Onderon is very famous for it's beast riders and the clips that we have seen certainly look like they could be TCW animated spin on the Drexl concept and the planet of Onderon.

The problem with the theory isn't so much a problem as a story telling choice.  If Mina Bonteri was the Separatist Senator from Onderon, then why would the natives of Onderon be under attack from Separatist forces.  Theoretically Onderon should still be a Separatist aligned world.

There are two possibilities in my view that make logical sense if this planet we see is Onderon.  The first is that the battle we see is Dooku taking belated revenge against Bonteri's betrayal by battering her home planet and subjugating the population.  The other possibility is that there was always a Separatist military presence and that either through internal revolt or diplomacy from the Republic an uprising forms around Lux and the other two characters shown in the trailer.  Ahsoka comes to the aide of Lux and the Onderon resistance.  This second concept would seem to fit best with the fact that Hondo Ohnaka is smuggling weapons into this group.  Either way, after last we saw Lux, the idea that he would return home makes some sense, the idea that he would be involved in a local resistance to the Separatists makes even more sense. Encyclopedia Entry: Notice the "Homeworld"

The idea of using Onderon has some very interesting possibilities and the idea that they might animate a Onderon-Dxun atmospheric crossing during the story arc has me eager with anticipation.

What do you think of Dan's Theory?

SOURCE: YOUTUBE Dan Grievous Returns


  1. When I saw the trailer, it was a little hard to understand and I thought that the hologram Jedi mentioned Alderaan. Well if it's Onderon then I hope to see an action-packed battle with a surprising ending like the Battle of Umbara.

  2. The idea of Onderon is great! this will be so epic! with ahsoka and lux together;)