Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Star Wars: X-Wing: Mercy Kill Cover Art Makeover

New Cover Art
Del Rey released revised cover art work for the forthcoming Aaron Allston novel, X-Wing: Mercy Kill.

The new cover art superimposes a silver background and Alliance Starbird logo over the original cover art.  This is kind of similar to coloring and use of symbols that we saw on the Shadow Games cover.

Personally I much prefer the original cover art, not only do we loose some interesting new artwork with the change, but the previous cover fit in better with the rest of the X-Wing series covers.  With respect to the good folks at Del Rey, I have enjoyed most of the covers recently (Choices of One not withstanding) but this strikes me as one photoshop too far.

Old Cover Art
Let us take a look at the cover art for the other books in the series:

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