Thursday, March 1, 2012

Angry Robot Books 2012 Publishing Calendar

Angry Robot Books publisher of Science Fiction, Fantasy and bits of oddity has released it's full publishing calendar. If you like me have run out of Star Wars books to read, perhaps give some of these titles a shot.
We’ve finalised our publication schedule for the rest of 2012, folks. Without further ado or preamble, here’s what you can look forward to seeing from Angry Robot over the course of rest of the year:
April 2012: 
The Alchemist of Souls (Night’s Masque I) by Anne Lyle [World: Apr 2012]  
Omega Point (A Richards & Klein Investigation) by Guy Haley [World: Apr 2012] 
Costume Not Included (To Hell and Back II) by Matthew Hughes [World: Apr 2012] 
May 2012: 
Blackbirds (a Miriam Black novel) by Chuck Wendig [World: May 2012] 
Evil Dark (Occult Crimes Unit Investigation II) by Justin Gustainis [World: May 2012] 
The Nekropolis Archives (3 volume omnibus) by Tim Waggoner [World: May 2012] 
June 2012: 
Strangeness and Charm (Courts of the Feyre III) by Mike Shevdon [World: Jun 2012] 
Night’s Engines (The Night-Bound Land II) by Trent Jamieson [World: Jun 2012] 
 July 2012:
The Hammer and the Blade (the first tale of Egil and Nix) by Paul S. Kemp [World: Jul 2012] 
Suited by Jo Anderton (The Veiled Worlds II)[World: Jul 2012] 
Obsidian and Blood (3 volume omnibus) by Aliette de Bodard [World: Jul 2012] 
August 2012: 
vN (The Machine Dynasty I) by Madeline Ashby [World: Aug 2012] 
The Crown of the Usurper (The Crown of the Blood III)by Gav Thorpe [World: Aug 2012]
September 2012: 
Seven Wonders by Adam Christopher [World: Sep 2012] 
Mockingbird (a Miriam Black novel) by Chuck Wendig [World: Sep 2012] 
The Corpse-Rat King by Lee Battersby [World: Sep 2012]
October 2012: 
The Wrong Goodbye (The Collector II) by Chris F. Holm [World: Oct 2012] 
Crown Thief by (A Tale of Easie Damasco) David Tallerman [World: Oct 2012] 
The Knights of Breton Court (3 volume omnibus) by Maurice Broaddus [World: Oct 2012] 
November 2012: 
The Dead of Winter by Lee Collins [World: Nov 2012] 
The Death of Light (Forever Twilight II) by Peter Crowther [World: Nov 2012] 
By our reckoning there are no fewer than six debuts amidst that stellar line-up of saga-continuations, stand-alones and series-closers, plus those three bargain-priced omnibus editions. That means there’s plenty of hot new talent to check out as well as the welcome return of a few firm favourites to look forward to. It’s all happening in 2012! Set your wishlists to ‘Must Have’…
SOURCE: Angry Robot Books

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