Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Clone Wars: Slaves of the Republic arc Visual Preview

I just finished reading Dark Horse Comic's Slaves of the Republic TPB and there are some panels that looked pretty familiar to me from the Season Four Trailer that was released prior to the beginning of this season's The Clone Wars.

The following images are some selected shots from both TCW Trailer and the Slaves of the Republic comic to show a comparison between the two interpretations of Henry Gilroy's story.  The comic first appeared in 2008, so in adapting the story to fit later in TCW timeline there will be some inconsistencies I am sure.  It is interesting to see just from this brief clip, that they seem to be staying pretty close to the source material.

Speederbike Battle Royal on Kiros: 

Obi-Wan explaining Anakin's personal history as a slave to Ahsoka:

Arrival on Zygerria:

Zygerrian Slave Market:

Dooku confers with Palpatine: 

Anakin and the Zygerrian Slaver Queen:

Captain Rex doesn't like being a slave:

Stay tuned to Lightsaber Rattling and The Star Wars Report for more Clone Wars coverage as we get closer to the next big story arc on Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

SOURCES: and Dark Horse Comics

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