Saturday, October 15, 2011

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Episodes 4.07-4.13 Titles and Speculation

I haven't yet received this months Star Wars Insider Magazine (Issue 129) but according to Wookieepedia, the magazine gives us some of the upcoming TCW episode titles.

Lets take a look at the titles, the arcs and what we may be able to infer from this.
Episodes  4.07-4.10: Umbara arc

4.07:  Darkness on Umbara
4.08:  The General
4.09:  Plan of Dissent
4.10: Carnage of Krall (sp?)

What can we infer from the titles? Well it looks like the first episode on Umbara will focus on the planet and battles there.  The second episode looks to be the introduction of General Krell.  It sounds like the good General may either be breaking with the Jedi Order or Republic, or perhaps he is sowing the seeds of dissent among the Clones.  The final episode of the four part arc has a very ominous title.  It looks like there was a misspelling of Krell's name as Krall.  Is the Carnage of Krell going to be an episode reminiscent of Anakin's slaughter of the Sand People?  Or perhaps we are going to see a Jedi lose his way similar to what happened to Depa Billaba in Matthew Stover's novel Shatterpoint.  Is this arc going to be Rex heavy?  I hope so.

Episodes 4.11-4.13 Slaves of the Republic arc

4.11 Kidnapped
4.12: Slaves of the Republic
4.13: Escape from Kadavo

I believe that episode 4.11 Kidnapped is the first part of the 3 part Slaves of the Republic arc, but the title could also refer to the Ahsoka/Deathwatch episode.   The second episode is a nice shout out in the title to the comic story that inspired this TCW storyline.  The third episode makes me think our heroes may be making a rapid exit from the clutches of slavers. 

Episodes 4.14-4.22: TBD, Ahsoka/Deathwatch, Savage Opress/Darth Maul. 

Season Four is going to go out with a bang. I will have more thoughts on these arcs as the season develops further. 

SOURCE: Wookieepedia

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