Thursday, September 1, 2011

Star Wars: Shadow Games Excerpts Big and Small has published a PDF extended excerpt from the forthcoming paperback novel, Star Wars: Shadow Games. 

Star Wars Books on Facebook has also released two mini-excerpts for the book.  
SHADOW GAMES mini-excerpt #1 (ES):
“Confidence,” Dash retorted, annoyed at being pulled out of his pleasant reverie. “The Outrider is twice the ship the Falcon is.” As far as he was concerned Solo’s boat was a scow compared with Dash’s heavily modified YT-2400.
SHADOW GAMES Mini-excerpt #2 (ES):
“Then where am I supposed to come by these steely-eyed, laser-toting...characters?”

A smile curved Kendara Farlion’s lips and her teeth showed, white and even in her face. “I never thought I’d say this, but there are advantages to being from Mos Eisley. I know exactly where to look for that kind of character.”
Is everyone in the the Star Wars Expanded Universe from Tatooine or Corellia?  I kid, I kid. To be perfectly honest, Shadow Games is probably my least anticipated novel that is going to be released in the near term. I will probably like it when I read it, but the description of the book doesn't have me overly excited, I hope to be pleasantly surprised when I read it. 
Shadow Games written by Michael Reaves and Maya Jaathryn Bohnhoff will be released in paperback and ebook formats on November 29, 2011 for $7.99.  The description of the book is below:

Javul Charn is the most famous pop star in the galaxy—and the runaway bride of a violent lieutenant in Black Sun, the crime syndicate commanded by Prince Xizor. Or so Javul says. Soon after Dash Rendar, broke and desperate, agrees to be Javul’s bodyguard, he realizes that openness is not her strong suit—and that murder is stalking her tour. Between the discovery of dead bodies in a cargo hold and an attack by an unidentified warship, Dash and co-pilot Eaden Vrill desperately try to understand who is terrorizing Javul’s tour and why. When Han Solo suddenly joins Javul’s road show, the stakes are raised even higher. Now Dash, who has a history with Han and an even worse history with Prince Xizor, follows his instincts, his discoveries, and Javul herself—straight into a world that may be too dangerous to survive.
SOURCES: and Star Wars Books on Facebook

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