Sunday, September 18, 2011

Review: Lego Star Wars: The Padawan Menace Blu-ray

The license partnership between LEGO and Star Wars has resulted in a slew of wildly popular video games, an entire line of Star Wars LEGO toys and related nicknacks. Most recently there was a 22 minute TV movie special that aired on Cartoon Network during San Diego Comic-Con 2011. 

The home video release features a two copies of the movie, one on DVD and one on Blu-ray.  Each disc also contains identical bonus features.  No digital copy of the movie is included.  The bonus features are two animated shorts; "The Quest for R2-D2" and "Bombad Bounty."  There are also two "Star Wars in 2 Minutes" with a kid summarizing the original trilogy and prequel trilogy separately with LEGO animations.  The final bonus feature is a Dee Bradley Baker narrated "The Clone Wars Animated Comics" told from the perspective of a few Clones. 

The set retails for $13 dollars and is availble exclusively at Walmart.  I am glad they included the bonus features and two copies of the movie because for $13, 22 minutes goes by pretty fast. 

There was a lot of sight gags in the movie, some of them worked better then others.  I really enjoyed the Palpatine in the Senate chamber scene where he raises and lowers the cowl of his robes. 

It was fun to see the Man in Flannel appear a few times with the set crashing Dark Lord. 

Ian/Han was amusing enough if a tad obnoxious and overall the kids featured in the film didn't capture my imagination except when one got his camera eaten by a dewback. 

Some of the assembling and disassembling got a bit old for me as I was watching, but I think that was more then made up for by some humorous dialogue, especially the self-deprecating Yoda.

I think I may actually like the short "Bombad Bounty" which features Vader, Jar Jar and Boba Fett better then the feature on the disc. 

I would say that this movie will probably play much better with the younger fans then older ones, but if you are a collector or hardcore Star Wars fan then this should still be added to your collection.


  1. I really enjoyed the Padawan Menace. Didn't realize the DVD/Blu-ray release had extras. How long are the two animated shorts?

  2. who narrated the animated clone wars comics?? does anyone know thanks ... :-)