Sunday, September 11, 2011

Clone Wars Review Format Announcement

Last season I began writing what I called "Battle Meditation" reviews of each weeks The Clone Wars episodes.  The name comes from the EU Force Technique which allows Jedi or Sith to enhance the performance of their forces and hinder their enemies performance in battle.  I thought it was an apt tittle for a review concerning TCW. 

The format I chose for the reviews was broken down into various categories with a bunch of images.  This year I am going to be streamlining the review format.  I want to make the reviews more readable and less fragmented, so there will be less sub-headings.  I also am going to be reducing the number of images included in the reviews.

These changes will make it a lot easier for me to write the reviews as last year they became very labor intensive.   I also want to be able to focus more time on the content of my writing instead of all the formatting necessary with the previous format. 

Hopefully readers who enjoyed our reviews last season will enjoy them this season as well.  I am certainly looking forward to Season Four: Battle Lines.

If you have any opinions or thoughts on the changes when the reviews begin appearing, please leave them in the comment section.



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