Thursday, August 18, 2011

Star Wars Essential Guide to Warfare Release Date Change and Details

The Essential Guide to Warfare is one of the latest in the EG series and has a long history. Originally it was a project that Karen Traviss was going to write and that seemed like a perfect choice, but given her departure from the Star Wars franchise the project came into the hands of the Jason Fry and Paul R. Urquhart, Fry was the co-author of one of the best Star Wars reference books ever, the Essential Atlas. 

The Essential Guide to Warfare was previously scheduled to be released on March 30, 2012 but has been delayed until May 22, 2012.  This news was delivered by Star Wars Books on Facebook.

DATE CHANGE: Jason Fry's new book, STAR WARS: THE ESSENTIAL GUIDE TO WARFARE will now be on sale May 22, 2012. The change was simply part of a slight reshuffling requested by our publisher. Here's a recently approved sketch from artist Tommy Lee Edwards for one of the paintings he'll contribute to the book. (ES)

Del Rey Editor Erich Schoeneweiss also provided some more details who will be contributing on the book.  

Other artists who will be contributing to the book are Paul Youll, Dave Seeley, Stephan Martinere, John Van Fleet, Doug Wheatley, Drew Baker, Bruno Werneck, Chris Scalf, Jason Palmer, Ansel Hsiao, Ian Fullwood, Darren Tan, and a few new maps by Modi!

For those who have seen the Star Wars Essential Atlas then you have seen some of the incredible maps that Modi has done.   This book along with Pablo Hidalgo's The Essential Reader's Companion are on the top of my list for most anticipated books for next year. has the publisher summary of the book up:

Product Description


Like many a great epic, Star Wars is rooted in a rich history of armed conflict. Now, for the first time, the facts, figures, and fascinating backstories of major clashes and combatants in the vast Star Wars universe have been documented in one fully illustrated volume. Extensively researched and inventively written, Star Wars: The Essential Guide to Warfare combines action-filled narrative with encyclopedic knowledge that:

• explores notable military units and groups
• traces the development of significant armaments and technologies
• profiles key warship classes, ground units, and manufacturers
• provides capsule biographies of great military leaders
• presents eyewitness troopers’ accounts of combat
• plus—enough additional profiles, intel, history, and lore to span the cosmos!

Encompassing all of the Star Wars media, including the legendary films, the hit TV series Star Wars: The Clone Wars, the bestselling books, comics, and videogames, and packed with original full-color artwork, Star Wars: The Essential Guide to Warfare is a conquering achievement.

About the Author

Jason Fry is a writer in Brooklyn, New York, where he lives with his wife, son, and about a metric ton of Star Wars stuff.

Paul R. Urquhart is a pseudonym. He was born in Scotland between Star Wars: A New Hope and Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back and has been a Star Wars fan since he bought his first toy X-wing at the age of three. Although occasionally mistaken for a larger-than-life Ewok, he is in fact a historian, specializing in medieval society.

SOURCE: Star Wars Books on Facebook and

You can follow author Jason Fry on his website, and on Twitter (@ jasoncfry)

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