Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Podcast Profile: Nerdist Writer's Panel

Writing this blog has gotten me more interested in the topic of writing and the craft involved in different styles of writing.  In that vein I stumbled upon a very interesting series of Podcasts by Nerdist.com.   There are a number of podcasts from Nerdist, but I haven't gotten past the Nerdist Writer's Panel podcast yet.

The Nerdist Writer's Panel has released four podcasts as of today.  Each podcast contains a different cast of writers, all are entertaining but the language is definitely not kid friendly (Explicit Tag).   Each episode is basically a round table discussion about how each person got involved in TV writing, advice for aspiring writers, and the good, bad, and damn hilarious experiences that occur in the writer's room.   

Episode 1: 

Episode one features: Damon Lindelof (Lost); Jane Espenson (Buffy; Battlestar Galactica; Torchwood); Erin Levy (Mad Men); Drew Z. Greenberg (Buffy; Warehouse 13). Recorded March 27, 2011.

Episode 2: 

David Fury (Buffy; Angel; Lost; 24); Jeff Greenstein (Friends; Will & Grace; Desperate Housewives); Emily Cutler (Community); Cathryn Humphries (Mad Men; V). Recorded March 13, 2011.

Episode 3: 

Dan Harmon (Community); Javier Grillo Marxuach (The Middle Man; Lost); Aaron Ginsburg and Wade McIntyre (The Good Guys; Finder). Recorded April 27, 2011.

Episode 4:

Veena Sud (The Killing); Gary Lennon (Justified); Sarah Watson (Parenthood); Bob Kushell (3rd Rock from the Sun). Recorded May 15, 2011.
If you have a few minutes to kill and are a fan of television or writing, then give this podcast a listen. 

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