Monday, August 22, 2011

New Matthew Stover Star Wars Insider Short Story: The Tenebrous Way

I am glad I finally got my subscription to Star Wars Insider magazine, because there are some really interesting sounding short fiction coming to Insider.

Today it was announced that Matthew Stover will be writing a short story that will appear in Insider #130 (12/13/11) and will tie into James Luceno's Darth Plagueis novel (12/27/11).

The title is curious and has me wondering if we will be seeing Darth Plagueis's Master or perhaps a failed apprentice before Palpatine.

Tenebrous is defined by Merriam-Webster as:
: shut off from the light : dark, murky <tenebrous depths>
: hard to understand : obscure <a tenebrous affair>
: causing gloom 
Tenebrous also appears in the Star Wars Expanded Universe in a blog entry by Keeper of the Holocron, Leland Chee from October 6, 2006. "From the Expanded Universe... Darth Tenebrous (tenebrous)."
Tenebrous has a Wookieepedia entry, and according to the Wook, Mr. Chee's blog entry is the first and only appearance by a character of this name.  
I am really curious as to how this will fit into the lineage of the Sith. 

Del Rey Editor David Pomerico also provided a brief run down of other short fiction soon to be seen in Star Wars Insider.

"A Fair Trade" by Paul Kemp will be in #129 (Oct 25). "Vader Adrift" by Ryder Windham will be in the Bind Up Saga Special (Nov 15), and "The Tenebrous Way" by Matthew Stover will be in #130 (Dec 13). (DP)

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