Wednesday, August 24, 2011

2 New Star Wars Website Promoting Blu-ray Release has launched two new websites to promote the Complete Saga Blu-ray release September 16th.

The first site, is Star Wars: Moments Visualizer.  It gives you a chance to rank scenes from the six films as well as see how other fans have ranked those moments.  Moments has a very visual interface, which allows you to see an image and description of each scene.  From here  you can drag the films into your favorite section or you can go to the Duel tab and choose between two scenes.

The second site, Ask Vader has video clips of the Dark Lord and allows you to type in questions.  It looks like there are 92 different video clips of Vader including movement shots as well as responses.  My favorite so far is #89:  "I find your lack of articulation disturbing."

SOURCE: Star Wars Moments and Ask Vader

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