Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The SDCC 2011: Clone Wars Season 4: Deathwatch Starbuck Video has given us a sneak preview of a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive clip that will be played Thursday at 4:45pm at the Star Wars The Clone Wars panel.

It looks awesome.

EW also has some juicy tidbits about the episode, when it will air and another guest star for Season 4.

Sackhoff will be the first female Mandalorian warrior we’ve seen on not only the show but the Star Wars franchise in general. Her episode, set to air midway through the Cartoon Network series’ fourth season, reunites Padawan Ahsoka Tano with her Separatist friend Lux, who’s renounced Count Dooku’s galaxy spanning war against the Republic. To oppose Dooku, Lux has sought refuge with the Death Watch, a Mandalorian terrorist group. In case you’ve forgotten your Expanded Universe lore, the Mandalorians are the helmeted warrior race that spawned Jango and Boba Fett. When last seen, the Death Watch were led by a platinum-haired militant voiced by Jon Favreau (whose Cowboys & Aliens will make its debut at Comic-Con), who will be returning to the Lucasfilm series this season as a Big Bad. But the sight (or rather, sound) of Sackhoff returning to the space opera genre, with her character this time appearing in chrome-domed glory herself, is cause for a major geekquake. So say we all?

Interesting that the video shows Ahsoka presumably drugged and disarmed by Lux Bonteri.  Bonteri you will remember was the teenage boy flirting with Ahsoka during episode 3.10 "Heroes on Both Sides."   Lux is the son of Seperatist politician Mina who was friends with Padme and later presumably murdered by Dooku.

Lux apparently has struck a deal with Deathwatch, but by the way the clip looks, could Deathwatch be reconsidering that bargain?  Could handing over Ahsoka be the price Lux is required to pay in order to get Deathwatch's help? 

We also learn that episode is mid-season and that Jon Favreau who previously played Deathwatch leader Pre Vizsla will also be returning to the series in potentially a new evil role.  


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