Sunday, June 5, 2011

Cool Toy Alert: Star Wars Scalextric: Slot Car Racing Set

I don't usually cover Star Wars toy collecting news, but I couldn't resist this little tidbit.

Lucasfilm has reached a contractual agreement with Hornsby the company that owns Scalextric.

From The Telegraph story:
The worldwide licence for a range of Star Wars Scalextric products will also boost sales, particularly as the films are converted into 3D in the coming years. Hornby shares rose 14 to 133p.

What is scalextric? It is a slot car racing set.  I am not sure what brand I had as a kid but we had a full train set and slot car racing set in the basement and it was pretty awesome.

I have to think we are going to get a Boonta Eve Classic set to coincide with Episode I's 3D release.  What other sets might we get?  One for each movie perhaps? Some suggestions;  Episode II Speeder chase on Coruscant, Episode III Battle of Coruscant, Episode IV Trench Run, Episode V Hoth/Cloud City , and Episode VI Battle of Endor.  

One thing is for sure Kyle Newman will be ecstatic if we get a Ben Quadinaros pod racer car with the set.

SOURCE: UK The Telegraph

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