Sunday, May 22, 2011

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Wish List: Raith Sienar and Sienar Systems

This addition to my Clone Wars Wish List maybe fairly obscure, but I don't think it is as crazy as Kyle Newmans' Ben Quadrinaros obsession. 

Raith Sienar and the corporation that he ran Sienar Systems was a leader in starship design and manufacturing from the Republic through the Empire.  Though he is most famous for the Tie Fighter, Sienar also helped design the Death Star (according to at least one version of the Death Star's history), as well as designing the awesome Scimitar piloted by Darth Maul in Episode I. 

It would be an interesting story to see some of Palpatine's behind the scenes machinations, such as his secret dealings/commissioning of projects with Sienar.  One of the key things that I think The Clone Wars so far has ignored, is just how did Palpatine maneuver those he wanted into positions to help him transition from Republic to Empire.  If they are going to tell political stories, these are the kind of stories that I would find much more compelling then Mandalore's internal politics. 

Sienar would also be a nice way to tie the Original trilogy, Prequel trilogy, Expanded Universe and Clone Wars together.  He is a character that didn't appear in the movies, but the ships he is responsible for did.  He is an EU character that has some back story but that also has enough room for TCW character development.  There is also an interesting back story with his relationship to Tarkin, should TCW crew decide that Tarkin deserves to get more screen time in TCW.

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