Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Fate of the Jedi : Ascension: Synopsis

The official synopsis has been posted by Random House for Christie Golden's next Star Wars novel.  Ascension will be the eight book in the nine book Fate of the Jedi (FotJ) series.  It is do to be released on August 16th, 2011. 

Christie Golden

Warning:  The synopsis contains spoilers for both Ascension and the seventh book of the FotJ series Aaron Allston's FotJ: Conviction, which is due out May 24th, 2011. 

How long can the Jedi remain in power?
How far will the Sith go to rule supreme?
What chance do both stand against Abeloth?

As Luke and Ben Skywalker pursue the formidable dark-side being Abeloth, the Lost Tribe of the Sith is about to be sundered by an even greater power—which will thrust one Dark Lord into mortal conflict with his own flesh-and-blood.

On Coruscant, a political vacuum has left tensions at the boiling point, with factions racing to claim control of the Galactic Alliance. Suddenly surrounded by hidden agendas, treacherous conspiracies, and covert Sith agents, the Jedi Order must struggle to keep the GA government from collapsing into anarchy.

The Jedi are committed to maintaining peace and ensuring just rule, but even they are not prepared to take on the combined threats of Sith power, a deposed dictator bent on galaxywide vengeance, and an entity of pure cunning and profound evil hungry to become a god.


I'll start with the biggest thing that has bothered me about FotJ as a series, and that is the primary villain.  I really dislike Abeloth, and not in the eww she is a bad guy kind of way.  No I dislike Abeloth, in a what the heck are they thinking and where are they going with this, kind of way.  Were not talking Waru from the Crystal Star, but Abeloth is in the same ball park for me in terms of blah Star Wars antagonists. I was really hoping she would stay dead. 

Synopsis makes me think that Vestara will be facing off with her dad at some point in the book. 

Grand Master Godzilla, err. Saba Sebatyne tries to maintain control over Coruscant and the Galactic Alliance.  What could possibly go wrong?

It also sounds like Daala is in full mustache twirling mode now that she is deposed.  From her previous EU appearances, LotF and FotJ her characterization has been all over the map.  It will be interesting to see how she is portrayed in the closing books of FotJ to make the turn back to full blown villain more believable. 

Could we finally see the payoff, for the Moff Lecersen and Senator Treen conspiracy from earlier in the series.  That was really a bit of plot thread that just sort of disappeared. 

SOURCES: Random House and Club Jade

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