Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dark Horse Comics Digital App Launches on April 27th: No Star Wars Titles At Launch

Dark Horse Comics, the holder of the Star Wars comic license and publisher of an incredible lineup of Star Wars comics has announced that their digital comic application, called Dark Horse Digital will be released as a free  App for iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) on April 27th.  The comics will also be viewable in web browsers and through an Android release which will follow in the not to distant future. 

The full list of free comics that will be available as well as comics that will be available for purchase at launch is on Dark Horse's website.  It should be noted that there are no Star Wars titles currently scheduled to be available at launch. 

Dark Horse Editor Randy Stradley commented on the lack of Star Wars titles on the Dark Horse Forums:

The digital store will open in a week or two, but we're still working out details on a deal with Lucasfilm for digital Star Wars on platforms other than the iPhone.
Dark Horse is also holding a giveaway for an iPad 2 and $100 in digital store credit if you sign up for their newsletter.  Sign up HERE.

SOURCES: Dark Horse and Dark Horse Forums


  1. I'm personally just waiting for the Star Wars graphic novels. Not holding my breath though, very surprised they were not available at launch.

  2. Same here. I downloaded the app for the Mass Effect graphic novels, but I really wanted the Star Wars ones. I can't find a lot of them for anything near a reasonable price, especially the old ones anymore, and I want to read some of the Knights of the Old Republic graphic novels again.


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