Sunday, April 17, 2011

Clone Wars News & Rumors: Dave Filoni on The ForceCast 4/15/11

One of the big advantages of The ForceCast (official podcast of The Force.Net) is that the popularity of the show and the relationships they have built up give them access to Dave Filoni among other Star Wars celebrities.  This week Dave Filoni had an extended interview on the ForceCast. 

Dave being Dave, he obfuscated and gave a lot of non-answers as to not spoil future episodes of TCW. 

One of the revealing answers that he did give related to the Republic Commandos.  He explicitly stated that there is no Republic Commandos story arc in Season 4.  He also implied that we are not likely to see them at all any time soon.  However, he did mention that he had some story ideas for Republic Commandos and that Republic Commandos have come up at writing conferences.  He also seemed to imply that if we see Republic Commandos in the future it is not likely to be Delta Squad again.  He did mention there was something cool we would see in the flow of the conversation but it may or may not be Republic Commando related. 

During TCW Season 3 it was mentioned that they are already writing Season 5, how far along in that process I do not know where they are.  But it seems likely that we won't be seeing the Republic Commandos re-appear until late Season 5 or Season 6 at the earliest.  It also seems logical that if we see the Republic Commando's in the future we will likely not be seeing the EU squads, Delta or Omega and would likely be seeing a new squad created so as to not gum up the continuity works or disturb the Republic Commando game or novel series. 

I would love to see more Republic Commandos in TCW, even if it is a new group of characters we haven't seen in the EU yet.  Of course I would also love to see cameos by Sgt. Vau and Skirata, as well as the Null ARCs.  The Null ARCs because they did so many individual missions seem like characters that could be slipped into a story or two in TCW. 

There is a lot of other interesting information such as the Nightsisters' relationship with the Force, the Mortis arc, whether Tarkin knows Vader is Anakin, etc.

Check out the ForceCast:  LINK

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