Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Why isn't there a Star Wars Official Site iPhone/iPad App?

The recent announcement of the iPad2 has me once again wondering why we don't yet have an official iPhone App from Lucasfilm. 

What would the App look like to make it worth say $4.99.

1) StarWarsShop

An easy shopping App feature, like Amazon, or other retailers have.  Complete with easy access images and descriptions of the item.

2) Mobile Friendly Forums

Allowing users to communicate on the Message boards.  Increased traffic and hopefully attract better discussions.

3) Push Messages about New Releases and Major Announcements

This feature may not be for everyone, but enabling the App to push message you with new releases (books, comics, magazines, etc) or to tease or encapsulate major announcements would be a cool feature for the busy Star Wars fan who may miss something.

4) Data Bank/Holocron

Making a quick to navigate through version of the Data Bank or re-brand it as a Holocron.  

5) Mobile Star Wars Video Integration

Because of the the video clips on is in Flash, you cannot play it on iPhones or iPads.  Finding away around these limitations and including video, such as Clone Wars previews and episode commentaries would be a nice feature.  They would probably want to limit full episode availability so as not to lose the iTunes Episode revenue. 

6) App Exclusive Downloads

Special downloadable content such as wallpaper or ring tones for App users. 

These are just some of any number of possible directions an official Star Wars iPhone App could take. 

Get someone on it Lucasfilm  =)

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