Monday, March 28, 2011

A Fanboy's Thanks to the Star Wars Expanded Universe and it's Authors

I can't help but share something really cool that happened today.  One of the coolest things about the growth of the internet and social media, is that it brings fans in much closer contact with those who produce the entertainment products that we consume.

Running a Star Wars fansite, I have had the privilege to interview via email to authors, Paul S. Kemp and John Jackson Miller. I have also been able to interact over Facebook or Twitter with others in Star Wars officialdom.

One of the things those of us who are lucky enough to be involved in the Star Wars Expanded Universe fan community should never forget.  We are incredibly lucky to have an entertainment source such as Star Wars, that has not only provided us with so many hours of entertainment, but has done so for over 3 decades.  The enduring power of the franchise has allowed it to be shared with friends and even children at this point.

Another thing that we should never forget is that whether it be Sue Rostoni on the message boards, Editors like Erich Shoeneweiss on the Star Wars Books Facebook page, or authors like Miller, Kemp, Karpyshyn, etc on twitter or their personal blogs, these folks are under no responsibility to interact with us fans.

The really crazy thing is that if you told 10 year old me, as I was reading Heir to the Empire that I would have the chance to talk to Timothy Zahn, my head would have exploded. 

I just happened to see this tweet from Mr. Kemp this morning:
It's nice to read a review by a reader whose reading experience aligned with authorial intent.
It was a big surprise and really made my day when I read what that link contained.  Not only did Mr. Kemp read my review of his latest book, Star Wars: The Old Republic: Deceived, but he liked it enough to link to it and write blog post about it.  
You’ve heard often enough that a book, once it’s published, belongs to the readers, to love, hate, or feel indifferent about.   I subscribe to that view fully.  Still, when you write a story, you intend for readers to be struck in a certain way, to take certain things away from the reading experience.   And if you’re lucky,  every now and again you’ll read a review where your intent and the reviewer’s reading experience align.   It’s a nice feeling.
And so it was with Pete Morrison’s review of Deceived on Lightsaberrattling. 
I have had some really cool moments as a Star Wars fan, going to a book signing Karen Traviss held in San Diego and getting my copy of Sacrifice autographed, shaking Dave Filoni's hand at the LA Savage Opress Premier, and now this.  I was a bit taken aback for a moment, and I couldn't think about anything but just how darn cool it was. As a Star Wars Fanboy, the thought that my opinion could have an impact on an author is incredible. 

Thanks to George Lucas and everyone involved with Star Wars for continuing that magical journey that started in 1977 and provided so much happiness and entertainment to us fans.  May the franchise continue weaving new tales of heroics and adventure for many years to come.

Peter Morrison


  1. What once was impossible, the internet has made, not only possible, but likely. I've been online since '95, and I'm still blown away by the sheer awesomeness of it.

  2. Mr Kemp was nice enough to highlight my review as well (I'm "The Philistine" mentioned in

    While I'm stoked about being quoted, what really makes me happy is that he knows I liked his book. Writing is a hard, often lonley profession. Thanks to the Internet, it's now a lot easier to send a little love to authors I enjoy reading.


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