Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dave Filoni Responding To Fan Questions on Facebook

Dave Filoni recently took some time to answer some questions provided by fans.  Meagan Finnerty, Dave's Assistant and the Casting Coordinator for the Clone Wars posted the questions and the answers on Facebook.

Dave talks about Mortis, Osi-Sobeck, animation models, Ben Quadinaros, Aayla Secura, Chewie, Han Solo and TCW timeline among other things.


8. Can't wait to see Chewie in the Clone Wars; will we see a little Han Solo in those episodes or later on? The Mortis trilogy was my favorite episodes from season 3 - will we see more episodes like that? - Elizabeth Spencer

We will NOT be seeing young Han Solo. I’m not into that. I like meeting Han in the Cantina in Episode IV. As for the Mortis Trilogy – it is a beginning, not an ending.

For the complete question and answers please visit DAVE FILONI'S FACEBOOK PAGE.

For more on Dave's great assistant Meagan, check out this profile done by Ashley Eckstein on the Her Universe Blog

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