Thursday, February 17, 2011

Del Rey/Star Wars Books holding a Fan Roundtable Discussion on Facebook

Del Rey's Star Was Book Facebook page is soliciting comments from fans regarding the EU.  Join in now to take part in the discussion.  Let the publishers of Star Wars books know what you like, dislike about the EU.  

The Del Rey staff associated with STAR WARS tries our best to stay in touch with what you, our readers, think of the books. We've read some interesting blogs about the EU lately, some positive, some negative, and some in between. If you have any thoughts or suggestions, we always love to hear them. (ES)


 UPDATE: 2/17/11:
Comments by Editors Erich Shoeneweiss and Shelly Shapiro

Star Wars Books
Thank you all for the great suggestions and keep them coming. We read all of the posts on this page and all of your comments. What you think is important to us. Some of the suggestions you made we're already working on. As Shelly Shapiro st...ated at Celebration V, there will be no more long multi-book series after Fate of the Jedi. We'll be publishing more one shots and trilogies. Aaron Allston is working on a new Wraith Squadron novel and we've got the Shadow Games, Darth Plagueis, and Alex Irvine Nomi Sunrider novels on the schedule. More will be revealed in time. Keep the comments coming. The Force is strong with you. (ES)
Shelly Shapiro Thanks to all of you for taking the time to post your thoughts about our books. We (us and the authors) try very hard to create stories that will appeal to as many readers as possible--that will work as fun novels as well as fun Star Wars, but obviously we are not pleasing everyone all the time. Your opinions do matter, and I appreciate hearing them. Hang in there with us--we have some great stuff coming up in the future!

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