Saturday, February 12, 2011

Announcement: Lightsaber Rattling's Focus after TCW S.3 Finale

Hey Everybody,

Hopefully you are enjoying Lightsaber Rattling's increased Clone Wars centric coverage. As we approach the end of Season 3, I thought I would give you a heads up on my plans for the direction of the site.

We have 5 more episodes left this season, for which I will continue preview, review(Battle Meditation) and other news and notes. Between Season 3 and the premier of Season 4, I will be providing the occasional Clone Wars news, most likely a once a week update except for major news.

Once TCW ends the focus will be shifting back to the EU with more coverage of book news, more book reviews, and hopefully more author interviews.

I will also be continuing coverage on the Blu Ray release, the 3D Theatrical releases, and any Live-Action TV series news.

There will also be fairly regular opinion columns on whatever topics tickle my fancy.

The future is always in motion, but you can count on Lightsaber Rattling for continued coverage of the galaxy far, far away.

I am almost done with John Jackson Miller's Knight Errant so look for a review of that soon.

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