Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Video Previews for Star Wars: The Clone Wars Nightsisters Trilogy #1: Nightsisters (Mild Spoilers)

The Official Site, The Cartoon Network and  Big Shiny Robot have all posted preview clips from this weeks new Star Wars: The Clone Wars Episode 3.12 Nightsisters.  It is the first of the three Savage Opress episodes which have officially been named the Nightsisters Trilogy.

The first clip shows the duel between Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker and Asajj Ventress shortly after the beginning of the episode when all three crash land into the landing bay of a Separatist command ship. 

This clip is available both at Big Shiny Robot and The Official Star Wars Website

The second clip posted on Big Shiny Robot occurs shortly after the first one when a wounded Asajj Ventress seeks refuge on the planet Dathomir with the Nightsisters, a tribe of Dark Side force witches.  Check out the awesome laser bows on the Nightsisters.

The Third Clip released on Cartoon Network contains clips from all three episodes in the Nightsisters trilogy, and if you look closely shows a lot that occurs in the episode.  Link

Interesting comments from Clone Wars Director Dave Filoni in a press release featured in the Big Shiny Robot Story:

“Things are changing in The Clone Wars – permanent changes that will affect the whole Star Wars universe,” says Filoni. “We are about to start seeing some significant shifts, starting with the power structure of the Separatists and the Sith. We’re shaking things up for them, and you’ll see that our bad guys are going to react strongly to that. They don’t take it too well. What we’re seeing is the start of a chain reaction. Things are really about to pick up – and this is just the beginning.”
Once you see all three episodes of the Savage Opress/Nightsisters Trilogy you will ponder whether we are seeing the emergence of a third major power base in the Clone Wars which will pose a threat to both the Republic and Confederation, the Jedi and the Sith.  

Look for continued coverage of the Clone Wars and this special three part event on Lightsaber Rattling. 

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