Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Podcast Profile: EUCast

EUCast is the official podcast of and of's solid stable of Star Wars Podcasts, also including The EU Review, The Bothan Report, and We Talk Clones.  We Talk Clones has previously been featured in a previous Podcast Profile, as one of my favorite Clone Wars related podcasts. 

EUCast has three co-hosts, Austin, Mark, and Elyse.  Elyse provides a fresh perspective on the EU, while Austin and Mark come across as fully immersed Star Wars fanboys.  Mark is a bit like the Salacious Crumb of Solosound, providing some needed comic relief at times.  Its easy to forget when fans get in heated discussions about Star Wars that the reason we all watched the movies and read and view the EU is because its fun.  Its good to laugh and have fun with Star Wars and not always take it so seriously. Austin seems like the captain of the ship on the EUCast and for the most part he keeps discussions going and adds a lot of interesting knowledge about Star Wars.  

EUCast is now up to Episode #115: "Gore or No Gore? That is the Question."  Not only do they discuss recent releases such as Fate of the Jedi: Vortex and Red Harvest, but they also touch upon interesting issues such as novel format Hardcovers versus Paperbacks and how that relates to story and economic factors.   Click to Download or play in your web browser.

EUCast is also currently running a Knight Errant Give Away Contest, for contest rules see the Show Notes or the  EUCast  Facebook page. 

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