Monday, December 13, 2010

Preview Review: Red Harvest by Joe Schreiber: Chapter 6 *SPOILERS*

Warning: The following contains spoilers for the forthcoming novel, Red Harvest.

Now that the good folks at Lucasfilm and Del Ray have us hooked on Joe Schreiber's latest novel Red Harvest, after 5 excellent chapter excerpts, they give us just a taste of Chapter Six with a short two page excerpt. 

Chapter Dramatis Personae:
Pergus Frode, Sith Academy Mechanic
HK, HK Droid (Model # unknown)

Oh poor Pergus Frode, we hardly knew you.  I have a feeling you are not long for this book.  If there is one thing that the Expanded Universe has taught me, its that even though they may pay well, don't work for the Sith.  It usually ends badly.  For Mr. Frode, I think he is going to be neck deep in removing a flight computer when someone is going to give him a little nibble.

 Chapter Excerpt:  

Pushing back his mission cap to scratch his head, Frode turned his
attention speculatively back to the bounty hunter’s vessel. “You
know,” he remarked casually, “a ship like that’s gotta carry a pretty sophisticated
flight computer.”
“Statement: I’m sure I wouldn’t know anything about that, sir. The
equipment of such vessels is not part of my programming, and—”
“You don’t think Lord Scabrous would mind if I yanked her out, do
The HK regarded him blankly.
“You know, set it aside. Scrap- market value on that thing’s not too
“Statement: I’m sure you could help yourself,” the droid said, with
bottomless indifference, already turning away to go about its business.
Settling his cap back on his head, Frode nodded and got his tools,
whistling a little under his breath as he did so.
Maybe, he thought, tonight would turn out well after all.
 I wonder what role HK is going to play in the novel.  Could HK be our protagonist?  As a droid he would be immune to the virus and as an HK unit he should be able to defend himself well.  I am really curious to see what role he plays in the story.  

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