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Clone Wars Season 3: Dark Ahsoka Trailer

I had the distinct privilege to attend the Los Angeles Savage Opress screening and after the three episodes where shown we got a sneak peak at the new teaser trailer for the second half of Season 3.   Today Entertainment Weekly in an exclusive posted the trailer on their website.

EW's Dark Ahsoka Trailer

Wow there is a lot going on here.

Part I:  Blow By Blow Summary:

The trailer opens with a ship arriving at some islands on an unknown planet.

*We see 4 or so very athletic looking characters running and using Jedi acrobatics to move along a massive tree branch with a large moon or planet in the background.  I think this is Ahsoka, the green Twi'lek, the Cerean, and the other unidentified alien we see later in the trailer. 

*We see a really cool looking interior of a temple or thrown room, with blue lights, a a pattern of writing or art inscribed over the floor and walls.  Between two winged statutes a old wizard looking character is kneeling as Anakin approaches him.

*Quickly cut to a jungle battle see with Republic tanks and Ahsoka hiding behind some odd vegetation with her clone troopers.

*Quick cut to Obi-Wan and Ahsoka walking across a desolate environment, as behind them and overtaking them is some sort of storm/effect that he changing the desolate environment to lush and fertile. I have no idea what is going on here.  Magic, the force, terraforming, Jedi Agricorps, etc.  Just plain weird. 

*Quick cut to Republic troopers crawling across what appears to be the face of an asteroid or moon, with arches of purple electricity threatening them from various points in the environment.  Mines of some sort?

*Quick cut to someone in a slab of carbonite.  If you look closely in full screen mode it looks to me like the character model of a clone officer, that we have seen on the bridge of Republic cruisers.  But also notice the second slab of carbonite in the background.  Both being loaded onto a ship by battle droids.

*Cut to a shuttle entering a massive black cube or diamond shaped ship, and Ahsoka in chains/captive.

*Cuts to Anakin in some sort of arena between two flying creatures one a white (Pegasus/griffin) for lack of a better description and one a dark bat like creature.  The bat like creature appears to either have someone holding onto his feet or has someone trapped in his foot claws.  On the floor is a very interesting design, that makes me think of balance, kind of a Star Wars style Ying-Yang.  It makes me think of balancing good and evil.  On a ledge overlooking the scene appears to be the same wizard we saw Anakin approaching earlier.

This is one of the two most interesting scenes in the trailer.  I would speculate that this arena is some sort of test for Anakin.  Battling the good and evil within himself or perhaps having to make the choice between good and evil in some way.

For whatever reason it also makes me think for the force Potentium movement, which is tied into Zonama Sekkot. On first blush seeing the trailer and the weird looking woman at the Savage Opress screening I got my hopes up that it may have been Jabitha and Zonama Sekkot.  Upon a second viewing as cool as that would be, I think they are going somewhere else with this.

* Cut to Obi-Wan and a very pale/luminous woman (White Woman) with greenish tinged hair approaching a bald headed, pale, man in dark clothing with red eyes and tattoos on his skull.

*Quick cut to Obi-Wan and Ahsoka with lightsabers drawn on this same guy (Red-Eyes).  In the background, there appear to be large boulders floating in the sky.  Almost like tiny islands in the sky.

*Cut to Red-Eyes shooting purplish/pink lighting, and the White Woman either shooting the same lighting or catching/attempting to catch the onslaught from Red-Eyes with her had.  Very interesting.  Then in a far view we see Red-Eyes pouring the lighting into someone.

*We then see a Green Twi'lek and what appears to me to be a Cerean running through the jungle and coming up short in the face of a gunship of some sort.  The next scene is the same Twi'lek and Cerean as well as Ahsoka, and another character who could be human or a different species with brownish hair looking down from a high branch at something that is unclear from our view.  If you look in the lower right corner of the scene you see a very large creature of some sort moving.

*Quick cut to Obi-Wan and Ahsoka at night seeing someone fleeing and the person jumps into the air and transforms into the bat-like creature we see Anakin pictured with earlier in the trailer.  If you look closely at the very beginning of this scene you will see that it is Red-Eyes, note the bald head and high collar on his clothing just before he jumps.

*Then you have a fighter/shuttle chasing what looks to be the same Red-Eyes bat creature through a series of valleys.

*Cut to Droids being blasted by Clone troopers, Jedi Council member Even Piell, with green lightsaber lit in battle, followed by a quick cut to Piell on the bridge of a Republic cruiser with a Seperatist ship out the viewport and Super Battledroids storming the bridge.

*Next we see a weird unfriendly looking alien walking down a hallway.

*What looks to be assassin droids of some sort carrying electo-shields jumping down the walls of a cavern, and we see the back of what looks to be Anakin's head with his blue lightsaber in hand, clearly outnumbered.

* Cut to Ahsoka jumping through a very weird looking jungle, then Anakin injured/in pain rising from the floor. Anakin battles the shield droids, and in the same scenery the weird alien riding a hover scooter, comes in for the attack.  On his left breast he has some sort of emblem on his armor.  It looks like two wings or a U shape with a small V underneath it.

*Cut to a scene what appears to be aboard a ship with Obi-Wan and Anakin looking around the corners of a hatch as Ahsoka jumps in and finishes off a droid with her lightsaber.

*Cut to the cockpit of what looks like a Trandoshan (Slaving ship?) ship.

*Quick cut to Anakin fighting Red-Eyes who is deflecting lightsaber slashes with his wrist gauntlets.

*Quick cut to Ahsoka fighting multiple spider droids possibly?

*Cut to another new Jedi for the show, Jedi Master and High Council member Saesee Tin in the cockpit of a starfighter during a space battle.  Master Tin is most memorable in the films for being one of the unlucky Jedi going to arrest Chancellor Palpatine.  That didn't turn out so well. 

*Quick cut to Obi-Wan holding a blade/scepter of some sort that is smoking with green mist all around.  Could be a Sith weapon, or Obi-Wan being attacked by the Nightsisters' magic.

*Cut to a Clone Trooper tumbling to his death.

*Cut to Anakin looking like Frodo climbing his way to Mordor.

*Ahsoka with her eyes closed and head down in front of a stained glass window, her face, montrals and headtails are completely run through with dark veins.  Her eyes are yellow/orange like a Sith.

*Cut to Anakin screeming "NOOOOOO" and Ahsoka jumping out of a tree with her lightsaber and attacking Anakin.  These last two shots look like they are from two different scense to me. 

PART II: Analysis or What the heck is going on?

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.  Deep breath time.  What the heck did we just see?

I think the majority of the scenes we saw are from the season finale, likely a two parter.

What I am sure of:  The White woman and Red-Eyes can both transform into animal like alien forms.  These are the two creatures we see Anakin between in the arena scene at the beginning.

The rest is just informed speculation: 

If I were guessing I would say that the scenes are show out of order in the preview.

Ahsoka is fighting with Clone Troopers say on Felucia possibly investigating something with a team of 3 other young Jedi Knights, when they come under attack.  At some point she and some of the clones are captured, she is taken aboard the big black ship and Obi-Wan and Anakin come to rescue her.

At another time we have them on a planet based story where Anakin is attempting to find his way, if my guess is to that temple we see in the second scene.  The droids are attempting to prevent him from getting there, that is why he looks so exhausted in the scenes we see later in the trailer.

Perhaps the person we see at the feet of the Red-Eyes/Bat creature is Ahsoka, and the test that Anakin is taking part in in the arena also effects her fate.  This is just speculation and supposition at this point.  I am probably more wrong then right. 

At the same time I think we have either separate episodes or a separate story line involving Even Piell and Saesee Tin involved in a massive space battle.  I think that most of those scenes are connected.

More thoughts to be edited into this post as I have time to ruminate on it.....

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