Thursday, November 11, 2010

Savage Opress: This looks incredible.

Darth Maul's Brother: Savage Opress

In an incredible move Star Wars: The Clone Wars is coming to the big screen for a limited theatrical engagement on December 7th.  Featuring a 3 episode story arch that promises to expose the secrets of Darth Maul and introduces his brother Savage Opress.

The screening will take place in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, L.A., NYC, Philly, San Fran, Seattle, Phoenix and D.C.

Not only is it a chance to see the episodes a month before they air on the Cartoon Network, but its free and Lucasfilm is only asking for guests to bring unwrapped toys as a donation to charity.

I scored my wife and I both scored passes to the L.A. event which appears to be full right now.  If you are interested in attending check the website and different cities to see if any tickets are still available.

When Dave Filoni introduced Savage Opress at Celebration V, I have to admit I groaned.  Great I thought to myself a silly name that is supposed to be pronounced in a french accent, and a character who is a recycled Darth Maul.  Boy was I wrong.  If these clips are any indication, Savage Opress has the potential to be the best Star Wars villain introduced since the original trilogy.  This looks epic, these could be the best episodes of the Clone Wars that are ever produced.

I am calling it right now.  Savage Opress will cause the Clone Wars series to explode into another level of popularity and will instantly be a huge fan favorite.

He is the very opposite of the highly refined Darth Maul.  Maul trained since his youth by Darth Sidious, was a weapon made flesh.  Opress is a force of nature that Darth Tyranus is trying to contain and channel by training.

Watch and behold the awesomeness that is Savage Opress.

Trailer #1

Trailer #2

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